Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Today is the day...

This afternoon we are meeting to have the big showdown/confrontation/resolution to conflict deal with the crap that has been dropped on all of us. With any luck, I can deliver my own message and explain what I expect from everyone before the chum gets into the water, because once that bullshit starts, I'm leaving them to eat each other and never looking back.

It's bloody cold this morning. We were planning on biking after the meeting, but there's no way I can bike if it doesn't warm up. Plus it's windy as all hell and I'm liable to get my ass blown right off my bike and into the Chattamahoochee. Where it is nasty. And toxic. And I'll grow a third eye. Which will be blind. On my arm. I'm stopping now...

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