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What a great weekend so far!!

Minus the sunburn, I have had a great weekend.

Yesterday morning, Damien & I went with his family & CJ (Tina's boyfriend) to Thunder In The Valley, my very first air show. It was GREAT!! The F117 Stealth Fighter flew overhead 3 times, and that was what I wanted to see the most - it was the most incredible thing I have ever sen in flight. I told Damien to think about all the people who forgot this air show was going on who are walking out of their houses to get the paper, look up in the sky, and see the Stealth Fighter... 'HOLY SHIT!! INCOMING!!!'" When they played American The Beautiful and Coming To America, I couldn't help but to cry a little bit. Then the Tuskegee Airmen plane took off and did a display, and that got me too. It was one of two still in flight in the world. It got me thinking about their role in history, and the amount of racism they had to endure just to defend the people who were their oppressors - and not only did they do it, they kicked ass. I have SO much respect for them. The show was phenominal and I enjoyed it very much.

After the show, Damien and I went to get iced coffees and then took a trip to Bill Heard so he could salivate over the Chevy Avalanche, his dream car. Then we took a trip down to the BMW dealer so I could salivate over MY dream car. I got the brand new 7 Series catalog, which is beyond great. They had a brand new 2003 Z4 and an M3 Convertible in the showroom, but we all know I want that new 7 Series. They had one on the lot, rolled it off the truck that morning. I lucked out, because it was the same exact color, interior, 19" tires and rims that I want. We got to sit in it, crank it up, and play with the options. I was in heaven, and even got a little wood...

Nathan and Maggie wanted us to go to Sushiko (our favorite sushi restaurant) for dinner, but Damien was very tired and ended up staying at the house. (I think he was worn out too from being in that sun all day long, he got a sunburn too) They also wanted me to go with them to the furniture gallery to see what they had picked out for the house to get my approval before buying any of it. I loved everything they picked, so they went ahead and bought it all. It gets delivered in 2 weeks. THEN we went to Sushiko.

No sooner had we been seated and I was about to take my first sip of beer when I noticed Nathan looking over my shoulder at something across teh room. I turned to see what it was, and lo and behold, there's Daniel. I told Maggie and she rolled her eyes and we all kind of laughed it off. Amy & James showed up, followed by Mac & Shannon and we all ordered finally. OH... MY... PUG... That was the best sushi I can ever remember eating, ever! I ordered a salmon roll, a California Roll (of course, gotta have my Cali roll), Nigiri tuna and nigiri scallop. Maggie ordered something called the "Trust Me" roll, which was the best thing I tasted all night. I ate until I thought I would absolutely burst. We came home and brought Damien something from McDonald's, as that was what he wanted instead. The four of us sat around and watched Nathen flip from channel to channel on TV and talked for a while, and that ws pretty much my day.

This afternoon, we're supposed to be going biking on the riverwalk. We're going at 4:00, if anyone wants to go. I think we can safely say we're meeting at Heritage Park by the Coca Cola Space Science Center on the Downtown Promenade. We have friends coming for dinner tonight at 6:00, so I hope I have time to ride and finish cooking everything!
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