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Brad Smith

I <3 this dude.

To Gay Rights Opponents...
- No one (should have) the right to vote upon what has nothing to do with them.
- Something being unnatural isn't necessarily bad, and furthermore this has nothing to do with whether or not it should be assigned rights.
- Aside from the obvious physical differences (a man can't breast-feed etc.) there is no specific necessity for a parent to be of a particular sex. All you need is a parent who can raise a child in a caring, loving environment.
- If marriage only has value to you if it is between a man and a women in a religious setting with the ultimate goal of raising children, FINE. Go nuts. But you have no say in what other people do regardless of whether you think that devalues your marriage. Not everyone shares your religious views and social values, and both heterosexual and homosexual people are entitled to a secular alternative to your conception of what a marriage should be.

BOTTOM LINE - If you disagree with gay marriage, thats your business. But that doesn't entitle you to a say in the matter because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Comment section of the video 'Is Gay The New Black?"
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