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Read This Carefully:

As of my last post and the time I've spent thinking about some of the complete bullshit going on, I realize that:

A: I am involved to the point that my name has been dropped several times in the course of the last two weeks of rumor circulation, and B: everyday there is something new either going on or being embellished or added and therefore I have a proposal to make for all of you I've heard shit about or are directly/indirectly involved in this neverending stream of diarrhetic babble and backstabbing underhandedness.

This is what I propose. I would like for the following people to meet on neutral ground, like the bandshelter at Lakebottom:

and myself

The purpose of said meeting will be to finally, once and for all, put rumors to rest; call one another out on things they have allegedly said to accuse one another of; hold one another (and yourself be) accountable for your actions; and see for yourselves who really is your friend and who just claims to be.

I ask this in the name of settling this bullshit and putting and end to it, resuming friendships or finally severing all ties, and getting closure. I would hope that people could behave like adults, but I give up on that notion as it would be asking too much. I further ask that if people let their emotions get the best of them, then make sure you fucking kill one another so the rest of us can get along with it.

Life is fleeting, folks - all this bullshit that you think is important just isn't. You all pride yourselves on being free thinkers and having nothing to hide, I'm directly challenging that ideal right now. If you have nothing to hide and are not afraid of the truth, you have nothing to lose.

I've had it with this bullshit. I want to know once and for all where I stand with people and would hope you did too. I'm not going to walk on eggshells anymore and politely look the other way. And for the record, I can all but guarantee you that the things you might expect to hear will not be the things you actually do hear.

I want everyone to give everyone else the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to speak their peace for say 10 minutes each before commenting in person.

Before I finish, just know this - if we were all truly friends, none of this would be necessary. Simmer on that for a while.

This is not a joke, I'm completely serious. Either be in or be out, just know that if you choose not to participate then you forfeit your rights to talk shit about each other to me unless you talk to that person FIRST.


Whatever business might go on between roomates at Renea/Anjelica/Pam/John/Celeste's house regarding living situations, bills, money, employment issues and the like are for the members of THAT household to discuss amongst themselves and are not the business of anyone NOT living in that house. Discussion of such things is not pertinent to my suggested meeting of people, but instead an opportunity for everyone to see the alleged shit starters react when someone else rubs their noses in their own shit. If you have nothing to hide, you will have no problem coming to meet everyone. If you do have something to hide or are afraid of confronting one another with the truth, then you're not the friend you claim to be - so sit your ass down and shut the fuck up.
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