Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Lighten Up, Francis!

So yesterday I had a bike wreck on the way home from downtown - in the cold - hit the ground hard - and I have a sore shoulder and back. Also, bike is SCREWED. Somehow while changing gears the chain jumped too hard or too fast, slung the entire gearbox into the spokes, locked the tire up, and as I was riding near a curb threw my tires into said curb and throwing me off and onto the hard, cold ground. Which, by the way, LOOKS deceptively soft. It wasn't. AT ALL. To which I must now say You, Mother Nature - YOU, madam, are a bitch. Best of all, it happened about 30 feet from the spot where Michael, Bessie, & myself thought we found a dead body in broad daylight on their first visit here, just on the other side of TSYS in Murderville.

Did I mention it was fucking cold and I only had on a sweatshirt? Yeah - the temperature dropped like 10 degrees from 1 to 4 yesterday!

By the time I finally got home, I washed the grease from the bike gears that were ripped off of the rear tire (I had to pry them out of the spokes) so that it would actually roll instead of me dragging it uphill skidding the whole way. Then I noticed I still had grass and dirt on my sweatshirt, so I had to change out of that.

I'd gone downtown on the bike when it was still just cool and not yet cold to get a coffee and hang out at Brothers for a bit. I was going to take some more pictures of downtown to have for later, but totally forgot to do that - and when it really started getting cold and windy I knew I'd better hurry home as the temp was dropping so fast.

The universe conspired to make me lighten up, and it worked. I hobbled for 2 miles pushing a broken bike uphill in the cold laughing at myself.
Tags: funny shit, lighten up
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