Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

The Move From Georgia To Arizona

We're officially leaving Georgia the last week of November, if all goes according to the current plan. That means there is a bit more time to get everything packed properly, and some time spent with loved ones here on the East coast.

We're conserving as much money as possible right now, because savings are really going to take a hit to finance all of this - and that is scary. What that means is that I won't be able to visit Atlanta friends or go out and party here or there as has been suggested. We just cannot afford to spend any money unnecessarily that is going to have to be used getting us from A to B.

I already decided that I was going to have a blog set up to not only document the move and this drastic life change when it became a reality, and while I have no current content on it, that blog is [info - personal] brad for those interested. I'll start posting content once most of the house is packed up and the actual moving starts.

This entire situation is incredibly difficult and trying. I'm 38 years old and Georgia is all the home I've ever known or had. I'm not going to make this a pity-party, because it shouldn't be - there's a whole new life waiting for us to begin, and the journey alone is exciting.

I thank everyone who has offered us support and love, and look forward to the future when I'm able to enjoy things and not be frozen in fear.
Tags: arizona, fear, georgia, home, moving on, new beginning
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