Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Cheese & Rice...

I've felt like complete crap for a week now. I haven't felt normal since before we left for Atlanta last weekend. All I want is to sleep and be left alone, but neither is in the cards for me. I woke up yesterday feeling like a cast iron bitch and it's gotten no better overnight.

Been working on lolasenvy's new layout all morning, and as of right now it is 85% complete. I have a few colors to tweak and some links to add once she sends them to me, and I have to reconfigure the map coordinates. The hard stuff is done, though.

I'm glad that the mood at Casa De 721 got a little lighter after last night, for those of you that live there I wish you good energy and harmony.

Tomorrow I'm riding my bike and cleaning out my bedroom. We (Maggie, Nathan, Dale, Jessie, Damien, & myself) are going to a housewarming party for Nathan's sister Amy and her fiancé James at their new house tomorrow night, I'm glad that I have them going as I won't really know many people there otherwise.

Current Music: ::pulls pin on grenade, counts to ten, watches the stupid people run::


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