Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

No, I'm NOT giving the Palin thing a rest - and here's why.

I was asked recently when I was going to give the Palin thing a rest - the answer was "You don't want me to give her a rest, you want me to give YOU a free pass for having once decided that this insipid cow was worthy of the office of VP, which she isn't, wasn't, and never would have been - you want me to hold you to a different standard and I'm not going to - fuck that and fuck YOU."

I'm not going to 'let it go' or 'give it a rest', not until every one of these fuckers who extolled the virtues of how perfect she was to be Vice President eats their big heaping helping of crow.

Like they're saying "Isn't it enough that you won?" No, bitches - you didn't GIVE us that win, we took it - we beat you down, took the money off the dresser, and smacked your daughter's ass before strutting out the door - and she asked for our number - because that's how we fucking roll.

This wasn't you having a bad day, you didn't do us any favors, you lost because you left Grandpa asleep at the wheel and wound up in a ditch. The only thing you've made a success out of in the past 8 years is FAIL. The sooner you get right with that and put your house in order, you'll see some change happening.

You don't get to have it both ways. If I wouldn't have gotten the free pass option from you, then you certainly don't deserve it from me. The difference is in the fact that I'd never have asked you for the free pass to start with.

For the sake of argument later, if it is clear that I'm not singling you out or talking to you directly, don't take it personally.
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