Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Specter Fallout

Michelle Malkin, LGF, NRO: The Corner, NRO: Jim Geraghty, Red State, Ann Althouse, The Freepers, Glenn Reynolds, Powerline, & Townhall - all pitching their respective hissy fits. No word yet from screechers Melanie Morgan, Pamela Gellar, or Ann Coulter (who is still mourning the recent death of her mother) but you just KNOW that check is in the mail.

Specter is not becoming less conservative or more liberal - he's playing politics the way it is supposed to be played, and for the most part has always been a moderate. You can't serve in your position if there is no position. He just gave a presser where he explained that the GOP has imploded and he's (rightly so) jumping ship so that he can still do what he intends to do. He knows that there is no way he'll get to stay on the party ticket for 2010. Let's just hope that this is a clearer message within the ranks that the party is toast, and that's not going to change until THEY change. Case in point, the most recent election and the mass exodus of conservative votes. IT HAPPENED. Obama and the Dems that were elected were elected largely by CONSERVATIVE voters who were already on board with the same reality that Specter is on now. Does that make them liberals? No. Does that make them hip to the fact that the meat and potatoes they were getting served were rotten? Yes.

I love this day.
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