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Last night the news was on and of course they were talking about "war" and about Saddam and the like when my 11 year old niece Haley asked us "What exactly is the deal with that man and what is all the news about war?"

It occurred to me very quickly just how innocent these children are, and how I philosophize that cetain ages beg certain questions and you have to be honest in your answers for them. Maggie and I explained everything from Hussein and the living conditions in Iraq to Bin Laden and the Taliban. She asked what a bomb would do, and we explained about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We thought about telling her about Hitler and WW2, but I don't think she's ready for all of that.

I was very proud of her by the things that she asked and the way she questioned us to make sure she understood. It impressed me greatly that when we told her of the treatment of women in fundamentalist Muslim countries that she became outraged, saying things like "That's ridiculous, because these men in power wouldn't even BE in power if it were not for a woman somewhere down the line! Women and girls aren't allowed to drive a car or go to school? You're telling me it is against the law for them to wear pants? How can they live like that?"

We told her that this was the only way they KNEW to live, that they had no basis for comparison. They were raised to believe that this is all there is to life, there is no alternative and that westerners were corrupt and evil for their indulgences of women and children. That we have always been the enemy in fundamentalist environments, because the freedoms we take for granted are the basis for the evil lives they see us living.

She concluded that it was a very sad state of affairs and that she felt bad for the people living in the middle east, and that Saddam Hussein needed to go...

At this point, the ever perceptive and articulate 6 year old that calls itself my nephew Cole piped up excitedly "Shoot him in the head while he's sleeping, that'll fix his ass!"

I love my babies...
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