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We're going to Atlanta later this afternoon to Little 5 Points and later to see Sugarland in concert! I am SO excited!! I've made an honorary Sugarland Road Trip cd for the occaision, complete with a really cool label and everything.

I'm guessing that tiredofdreaming and wsbsdrewnelson are still sleeping, so in case you read this before I get the chance to talk with you, we're leaving at 2:00 PM sharp. Meet us at the Welcome Center on Williams Road, since that is convenient to the interstate. Call Damien's cell phone if there are any problems, I may or not be here if you call me but chances are I will be with him.

Many thanks and much gratitude to princessqtpi and ryno_v_6point7 for dinner the other night (which kicked serious ass, I might add - I'm looking forward to Thursday when it's my turn!) and mostly for bringing us into your space and treating us like it were ours. Again, I'm very proud of you and for you for the hard work you've both done to get where you are. I did get through 1/3 of that "song" you told me about, but had to stop as I couldn't hear it over myself laughing my monkey ass off. What can I say, it Hoovered™ in the most pathetic of ways. I'll see you tomorrow hopefully so we can do pictures downtown. Call Damien's cellphone later today if you get the chance and we'll plan on a time to do that. Don't know if you got my message, but burning my Jeff Buckley stuff took 5 1/2 GB on all 10 discs, and I've printed out setlists for all of the live shows. In total, the whole collection is:

  • 142 indivual songs on MP3, including the studio albums, bootlegs, live recordings, and the Grace EP's boxed set
  • 62 pictures
  • 2 AIM icons
  • 18 official videos & live concert clips
  • complete electronic press kits for both Grace and Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk in MPEG
  • 5 full length documentaries
  • 13 entire live concert recordings, including the famed Glastonbury Festival show and Jeff's final live recording ever
  • a DVD rip of the Cabaret Metro show in Chicago
  • the complete acoustic show the afternoon before Live In Chicago on JBTV


Many thanks also to ilubmoney for the working code on my friends layout, soon to be universal with all of my styles. Check out her new layout, it is based on Calvin & Hobbes. The woman is extraordinary and definitely one of the most incredible souls I've met on LiveJournal.
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