Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Alright, Damnit...

I have my new Friends Layout up and running, but am having a problem with my coding. I've worked for damn near 3 full days trying to figure this out, I've consulted my oracles and everything, and alas, I'm just fucking stupid.

I want the text to scroll ONLY within the image of the background, in the center of the image between the blue sidebar and the URL on the left and NOT over the top border. Also, I want the links on the sidebar to be centered from top to bottom and to remain stationary. It makes me nuts that they scroll with the entries text. I know it is a div tag, I just don't know where in the coding - EXACTLY where - it is supposed to go.

I've looked at the code until I absolutely cannot make any sense of it anymore, somebody please throw me a fricken' bone!
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