Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

A Poem

Naked In The Mind Garden

When I awoke to the smell of you on the linen
I breathed in deeply the veil of a still-dark morning
Felt my teeth bite feather soft into the underbelly of the moon
And you hovered over me just before your lips met and fused into mine
And that taste
like candydreams and honeydust
a new hunger I had not known before

In the incandescent glimering of streetlamp through windowshade
I felt myself rolling beneath you
You beneath me

You dove into my veins and stretched down to my fingers
And drumming in my head
that pulses in my permanence
in a downward flow rushing
like the peach wash over my pillow
hands gliding across the breadth of my chest
and then further down
I touched myself and could feel your hands on me

I leaned in to kiss you again
And my lips met darkness
And no sheltering substance
A new cold I had not known before

But I knew you were there...

I drifted back into the dream pillow
Praying for solace
And waited for that scent again

The half-light of mid-morning
coming through the slats in the blinds
setting my consciousness aflame
like so many birds startled into flight

Still drunk from my dream in the firmament
tasting the phantom kisses still wet on my lips
the salt you left behind
and the hunger never sated
simply another stain on my memory
Tags: poetry
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