Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Bootleg Series: The Finale - 13 Of 13

Joy Division

01. Inside The Line
02. Gutz
03. At A Later Date
04. The Kill
05. You're No Good For Me
06. At A Later Date (live)
07. Leaders Of Men
08. Walked In Line
09. Failures
10. Novelty
11. No Love Lost
12. Transmission
13. Ice Age
14. Warsaw
15. Shadowplay
16. Atrocity Exhibition
17. Something Must Break
18. Transmission
19. She's Lost Control
20. Transmission
21. Passover (live)
22. New Dawn Fades (live)
23. Love Will Tear Us Apart


Tracks 01-05: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 18-07-1977 (Warsaw demos)
Track 06: Live Manchester, Electric Circus 02-10-1977 (from Virigin 'Short Circuit' compilation)
Tracks 07-14: Arrow Studios, Manchester 03+04-05-1978 (RCA album sessions)
Track 15: "Granada Reports", Granada TV 20-09-1978
Track 16: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 04-06-1979 (Piccadilly Radio session)
Tracks 17-18: Central Sound Studios, Manchester July 1979 (First 'Transmission' session)
Tracks 19-20: "Something Else" BBC 2 TV 15-09-1979
Tracks 21-22: Live Amsterdam, Paradiso 11-01-1980
Track 23: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham January 1980 (original single B-side version)
Tags: bootlegs

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