Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Bootleg Series 7 of 13

The Replacements
Last Show Ever - Chicago, 07.04.91

1. I Will Dare
2. Bent out of Shape
3. Achin' to Be
4. Merry Go Round
5. Happy Town
6. Swingin' Party
7. One Wink at a Time
8. Waitress in the Sky
9. When it Began
10. Someone Take the Wheel
11. Talent Show/Send in the Clowns
12. Nobody
13. Another Girl, Another Planet
14. Hey Good Lookin'
15. I'll Be You
16. I Don't Know
17. Within Your Reach
18. Can't Hardly Wait
19. Hootenanny

Tags: bootlegs
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