Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

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::bangs head against wall over and over and over again::

Sometimes I think I'm HTML dyslexic. I'm at a complete standstill with my new journal layout because I cannot get what I see in my head on the edit style page when A:) I have NO idea how to code a lot of things here and B:) what code I DO understand suddenly sprouts legs and walks across the page from me staring blankly at it.

I'm seriously going to have to find a book on this shit that not only can I understand, but explains how you code in the correct order so as to render it all workable. And something that can explain tables and shit to me withou making me cry from frustration.

I want to learn to do this badly, but I am so fucking frustrated with trying for hours and wasting the time for nothing that I'm considering never turning on the goddamned computer again.
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