Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Ruins Through The Viewfinder

I took more pictures yesterday when they reopened the riverwalk behind the Bibb Mill (or what's left of it) and managed to fly under the radar of the security people to get some of these images. Hey, I had to, they're going to have to tear it all down soon and there won't be anything left of interest to photograph and a lot of it looks amazing from the right angles. These images were perfect to process through the viewfinder, and I'm very pleased with the results.

By the way dancewithoutme - I got you a brick from the section that overlooks the river. That's where the fire began and where the wall surrounding the tower on the south side collapsed. It's safe and sound here at home with me and I'll keep it until the next time you come home. ;-)

As of 5:00PM EST today (11.02.08), it is still burning. We drove past it on the way to the grocery store earlier and it was still putting out a few wide plumes of smoke. Since the catastrophic fire on Wednesday, there have been no less than two fire trucks on the property constantly spraying it down 24 hours each day. They have not stopped yet, and still it burns somewhere deep in the basement.

Tags: bibb mill, fire, pictures
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