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Eva Cassidy - People Get Ready
After years and months, I've finally made my peace with the fact that it's all out of our control now. Come Tuesday, I will gather with family and friends at the local Obama headquarters and watch the election results come in with other supporters - new friends I haven't made yet. I hope that old friends I haven't seen in a while show up as well, it's going to be an emotional night and I've been in nervous tears off and on for over a month now and it would be nice to see familiar smiling faces approaching me and letting me sweep them up into my arms.

The Georgia Campaign for Change HQ is right across the street from Denny's on Macon Road (in the same shopping center as KMart, next to Spirit Halloween), so I'm thinking that getting a bite to eat there and getting a few cups of coffee might be in order. It would be really nice if anyone who had the time could make an appearance and spend some time with us. I have made countless memories at that place. Most of them good and associated with people I love as much as you can possibly love a person, and I miss so many of you that at times I have to stop myself and imagine how I've been able to get this far without your ongoing presence(s) around me.

I believe that we are standing on the cusp of something amazing and reaffirming. I feel as though long awaited possibilities are going to be the history making realities many of us have been waiting for all of our lives. I haven't felt as hopeful as I do right now in a very long time, and I realize how much I've missed it. I'm an optimist and I've been very disillusioned in recent months, but the knowledge that change is on the way is restoring my faith in the possibility of goodness.

So I'll be at Denny's on election night around 6PM or so, and then heading across the street to the Georgia Campaign for Change HQ to hang out with everyone else who has worked on this campaign, to hopefully let our success in being catalysts for my hopes and dreams carry us through the evening - because this is our time to party. My hope is that the locals and usual suspects will show up and say hello, give me a big hug, and spend the time with me. For those of you in other places, I hope that you too will go to your local election HQ and do the same in solidarity - no matter what your political affiliation is - or have some friends over to your home and know that I sincerely hope you're as happy as I am. If you are, then my wish for you has come true and you're all in my thoughts.
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