Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

This Is Why I Love This Man

Obama Replies To A Little Boy's Request With A 3 Page Letter
Teacher Joyce Ben-KiKi had Aron and his classmates each send letters to a famous person as part of a language arts lesson. Ben-KiKi wrapped the exercise around well-known children's book character "Flat Stanley," so along with the letters, the children each tucked a Flat Stanley figure they had made into each envelope.

"I told them not to expect a letter back," Ben-KiKi said. "I told them these people are very busy and most likely will not write back."

The list of recipients was impressive: Yankee third basemen Alex Rodriguez; Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz; Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Obama was the only one to write back.
Because he is carved from a solid block of CONCENTRATED FUCKING AWESOME. With everything he's been doing on a daily basis for months on end now, he still managed to get this done - because it mattered. Don't shit on my happy by telling me his staffers did it, just let me have this one - aiight, betches?

HAt tip to folk & synecdochic!
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