Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Let's get outdoors this weekend!

Saturday is going to be PERFECT for biking the riverwalk. It's going to be in the low to middle 60's and sunny. I would like to start before lunchtime at the Port Columbus Naval Museum, and slowly making our way down. Personally, I'm up for going to Oxbow Meadows and back, but I know some of you aren't up for riding that far which is fine.

I say we pack up some lunches in our Camelbaks, and head out. We can stop and eat along the way somewhere.

If no one is really jazzed up about biking, then how about Providence Canyon? We can do another picnic lunch there and I will carry Avery in the Snugli. Cole keeps asking about that anyway, and he also wants to go biking with us.

Soccer practice is going very well, he has a couple of new kids on the team and they are learning to work together a lot better than last year. The biggest shocker is that Tristan is ALL OVER the ball this year. Soccer games will still be on Saturday mornings, I'll post a schedule of times and fields when I know them. All games will still be at the soccer complex on Woodruff Farm Road.

I'm dying to get outside, even though I know my allergies are going to come soon with a vengeance. Let's plan regular hikes and bikerides for this spring and summer, I'm ready to get a move on, y'all!

Suggestions, ideas, and comments appreciated. When to go, how often, and who's coming is what I want to know. My goal for biking this year is to start biking at the Green Island Marina where the riverwalk begins and riding all the way to Oxbow Meadows on a Saturday morning/afternoon. A long, nice, leisurely ride...
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