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It's raining pretty hard

I love the rain, I especially love thunderstorms. It's raining hard right now and it's making me sleepy, but there is no thunder or lightning. I could tell it was about to start when I noticed how dark it got so fast. It crept up and came down fast and is now lightening up as fast as it started.

Benn having some problems with my right hip again, don't know what that is about. I know that I've been waking up in some crazy circus contortionist positions, though - that is probably it. Maybe I can work it out when we go biking on Sunday. Anywho...

Several things are bothering me, things I have no control over and the frustration is beginning to mount and make me both tired and... disturbed. Don't bother trying to talk to me about it, if I want to share then trust me that I will. Other than that, I suppose I'll sort it out in my own time like everything else.

I had the most wonderfully vivid, strange dream the other night. I dreamt that I was in Provence, like Nice or someplace close by. I had the feeling that it was in June, because it felt like summer. I was standing on cobblestones outside of this charming little cottage that had open half doors and windows, and the doors and windows all had ledges with plants and flowers on them and nearly every single one had something fresh from an oven cooling on the sill. If I turned left, I could see we were perched high above the Mediterranean Sea on a sloping hilltop, and if I turned right I could see row upon row of lavender flowers for what seemed like miles. There were great swags of lavender drying against the house, tied in bunches to the wall below the roof overhang. There was a great big heavy wooden table outside with a pitcher, wine bottles, bowls and glasses on it. There were loaves of bread and wheels of cheese and bowls of olives. You smelled the salt from the ocean, the lavender, the bread, the olives, the cheese, the wine, and heat of the day all at once and it was the most intoxicating thing in the world. It was a short dream, nothing happened apart from me taking this all in, but that was enough.

I found some great pictures of Provence that were similar to things I saw in the dream, you can find them


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