Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I'm Trying REALLY Hard Not To Freak Out

Two boys from my nephew's high school were arrested yesterday for bringing loaded guns to school, guns they stole from a house they broke into last Friday. One of the boys has a history of bullying and harassing Jake for well over a year now and has made numerous threats against him as well as physically assaulting him on more than one occasion. Jake is the kid who wears the goth clothes and has a mohawk, he doesn't take shit off these kids who pick on him and understands that the price of being different means you're going to get gawked at by ignorant assholes. He wore a Bad Religion t-shirt and was sent to the office because it offended some other students who it was later found were staging it because they don't like the fact that Jake is an atheist. The principal told them that it was his right and that they needed to get over themselves.

The story is only being covered by one local news station as far as I can tell, having just broke this morning. Only last night Jake was telling us upon hearing the rumor about this incident that he was actually becoming fearful of them for the first time at the possibility of this being true and wanted us to call his counselor tomorrow. Only last week someone tried to pick him up and throw him into a trashcan, but he didn't know who it was as there were many kids trying to board the bus home. He had an altercation with this kid as recently as a week ago at the bus stop, wherein the kid verbally assaulted Jake.

They stashed the guns in the bathroom ceiling tiles so as to avoid the hall monitor cameras. They were showing them off to others on the bus yesterday when a student text messaged soemone on another bus to let them know what was going on out of fear, the student receiving the text notified their bus driver and that was when the authorities got involved and boarded the bus for search and seizure of alleged weapons. The kids at that point were passing the guns back and forth under their seats to try and thwart them, and a female student smuggled the guns off the bus in a backpack - but obviously to no avail.

I know that he's safer today than he was yesterday and that the boys in question are now in custody, but I'm having a rough time calming myself down because I'm motherfucking furious. Not just at these kids, but at their parents as well for not doing a better job in knowing who their children really are.

I've collected myself and spoken on the phone with close friends before posting this, and I'm beyond furious right now. Believe me, six different kinds of hell will be raised in the days to come.

EDIT 1: They changed the news story, apparently the kids are in the custody of their parents. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

EDIT 2: I just received an email from the news channel covering this story after I left a comment on the site asking if we would like to be interviewed. I called the reported back as he'd asked me to do and we spoke for several minutes. He asked if I would be willing to go on camera, and I told him I would consult with my family and get back to him. Of course I would be willing if we agree as a family, but I'm not willing to make that decision without first discussing it with them.
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