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Alice Walker on the 2008 Election

What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us
Americans have been treated with contempt for so long that we have become inured to our own society's suffering

Alice Walker
The Guardian,
Saturday September 20 2008
Article history: This article appeared in the Guardian on Saturday September 20 2008 on p36 of the Comment & debate section. It was last updated at 00:13 on September 20 2008.
When we are offered a John McCain, who is too old for the job (and I cherish old age and old men but not to lead the world when it is ailing), or a George Bush, or a Sarah Palin, how unloved we are as Americans becomes painfully plain. McCain talks of war with the nostalgia and forgetfulness of the very elderly; Palin talks of forcing the young to have offspring they neither want nor can sustain; both of them feel at ease, apparently, with the game in which their candidacy becomes more of a topic of discussion than whether the planet has a future under their leadership.

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