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22nd-Aug-2008 07:48 am

Who's the bane of YOUR existence? Surely there's someone who pisses you off in such a huge way that it merits flogging, at least. 'Round here, we call that person a RAT BASTARD. Who is the person you most want to rip a new asshole for whatever reason? Go ahead - now's your chance to put them on blast. Start commenting, and have fun gettin' your hate on - and out. IP logging is off and anonymous commenters WERE welcome, but I've had to disable it since I've gotten six tons of bullshit spam comments lately. Sorry about that.

Go on - vent your spleen...

Also, check out/participate in the Friday Confessional and the subsequent Sunday Stoning, brought to you by the fantastic city_of_dis.
22nd-Aug-2008 12:09 pm (UTC)
The LJer who got all pissy because I used her dog photo for an icon which, OK, I shouldn't have done
22nd-Aug-2008 12:23 pm (UTC)
22nd-Aug-2008 02:01 pm (UTC)
Dude....jackal, you will never ever cease to amaze me.
I've never witnessed such a level of self loathing mixed with general hatred for people in my life.
Are you seriously at a Bear Event?!
God, you're an idiot.

Even though I highly suspect it will never happen, part of MY rational brain wonders when you just might start to realize it's not all them (gay men/people/breeders/the world/religion/bears), it's you.

22nd-Aug-2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
And let's not forget cats ;)...well, I took a look at his journal.
22nd-Aug-2008 02:38 pm (UTC) - Warner Bros.
I've been waiting all week for RBF to unload this...
I'm sure everyone's read some version of it by now, but here's a link to an article about the delayed release of Harry Potter


All that stuff about summer being a better time for families to go see movies together is just smoke and mirrors to try and make us feel better about them breaking their word the public at large.

Now, I'm not a spring chicken, I'm not naive, I know that movies on occasion are pushed back.
Anything can happen in post production, you may need to reshoot scenes, have problems in editing, you name it. And if you want to give me that type of excuse for pushing the release date of Harry Potter back a bit, I would understand. Usually in that kind of case it's only pushed back a month or two at most, but EIGHT months? That's three quarters of a year! That's absolutely ridiculous, especially after you have already released previews that have been shown nationwide.

And that little dig about the writers' guild and the writers' strike?
Completely lacking in class.
That's saying, "if you're unhappy about this, don't blame me, blame the writers who went on strike and all the people who sympathized with them and supported them by going on strike as well."
Way to throw the writers' under the bus. If I was a writer, I'd go on strike again.

The writers' strike that resulted in the dearth of movies being released in 2009 is not the fault of the fans, and the fans shouldn't be, in essence, punished for it. We shouldn't be forced to wait three-quarters of a year to watch a movie that we were promised we'd have this fall because negotiations stalled for so long between producers and writers. That is their mess to patch up and move on with, not ours.
In my opinion, moving back the opening of Harry Potter for money is an abuse of power.
Because they know we won't boycott Harry Potter in protest. We'll go see it whenever it comes out because it's Harry Potter.
So they'll hold on to it until they can get the highest price for it, because they can.

Well, perhaps I won't boycott Harry Potter, but I sure as heck can and will boycott every other Warner Bros movie until Harry Potter is restored or comes out, whichever comes first. They may get my Harry Potter money, but they won't get any other money out of me.

22nd-Aug-2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
I'm frustrated with the recent limitations to the Endangered Species Act Bush is forcing through, and the Health & Human Services director now mandating "Conscience Clasues" to doctor to deny contraceptive services to Women.

Its like, "hey, we've only got 6 more months in power, let's fuck it all up as much as possible."
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