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We are all just two steps from homelessness

We are all just two steps from homelessness

Producer/Director - Malcolm Burt.
Producer/Director - Malcolm Burt. Stories of 8 people who have beaten homelessness. The stereotypes are wrong - you merely need to lose your job or break up with your partner or family and you're homeless. In that way, we are all just two steps from homelessness.
My dear, sweet, and beautiful friend Malcolm (mmmblog) has made a new documentary film with his production company MMMedia on a subject very few people really consider as relevant to themselves, but sadly it is a reality I wished people whould stop denying and wishing away.

It is not unthinkable that any of us could be one of the people in this film, which should be reason enough to watch it. Every day the homeless seem to look more and more like us, we who have so much and yet take so much more for granted. Rather than present their stories in an overwrought way that depends upon tragedy and emotion to tell a story in its entirety, Malcolm has made a film that allows the people to simply tell their stories and share their experiences, ending in triumph as each person makes their way back to a solid footing and a real, permanent home. These people are humble and inspiring, and I am tremendously proud of each of them for having the courage and tenacity to overcome such amazing obstacles.

Malcolm told me about the film last night before he left home for a well deserved vacation, and I told him that I would blog about it today on his behalf. It makes me very happy to have him as a true friend, especially considering the caliber of person he is. I'll be even happier next year when he comes to the US for a visit and we can finally meet in person for the first time and ride roller coasters together while screaming our fool heads off.

Please watch the film and share it with as many others as possible!


<font size="+1" font face="Georgia"><a href="" target="_blank"><b>We are all just two steps from homelessness...</b></a></font>

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