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7th-Aug-2008 09:17 pm
Vote Republican

MO Republican Indicted, Charged With Sexual Assault Of 14 Yr Old Girl
JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri state Rep. Scott Muschany, R-Frontenac, was indicted today in connection with a reported sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl on May 17, the day after this year’s Legislative session ended.

The alleged victim is the daughter of a state employee. The girl’s mother and Muschany -– who is married and has two children — were romantically involved, the woman said.

A Cole County grand jury returned an indictment today charging Muschany with the Class C felony of “deviate sexual assault.” The indictment identifies the victim only by initials. It says that on May 17, Muschany “had deviate sexual intercourse” with the girl, “knowing that he did so without” her consent.

The document also alleges that the mother “did admit that the incident did take place, including her witnessing same.”

It gets worse. Muschany co-sponsored a bill in 2006 that toughened sex offender laws.

No, I'm not kidding.
8th-Aug-2008 01:25 am (UTC)
talking about your chickens coming home to roost...
8th-Aug-2008 01:44 am (UTC)
I know there must be a fair number of sleazy Democrats out there, too, but it just astounds me at how many Republican politicians seem to be falling all over themselves to get involved in ugly scandals like this.

What gets me most is the sheer irony of the fact that so many of them made so much, as this guy did, of portraying themselves as tough on crime and protectors of young people against the evil predators out there.

I honestly don't know how these people live with themselves.
(Deleted comment)
8th-Aug-2008 01:59 am (UTC)
Haha, good point.
8th-Aug-2008 01:58 am (UTC)
The Grand Ol' Pedos are at it again, I see.
8th-Aug-2008 02:52 am (UTC)
Not surprised in the least. The self-professed gaurdians of morality are always the ones that have something to hide. Someone said something about being surprised that it was a female child he molested. This is a mistake and one of the things 'they' use against us--it doesn't matter what the sex of the child was, the horrible thing is that it was a child--what the whole repug/religious right needs to understand is that 'gay' does NOT equal pedophile. It's never a good idea to gove them any sort of ammuition, because we are all well aware that they will ALWAYS skew the facts.
8th-Aug-2008 03:56 am (UTC)
The sad thing is, I used to live in St. Louis (before I got smart and moved to San Francisco), so I know *exactly* where Frontenac is - and it doesn't surprise me that they have a Republicrook representative...
8th-Aug-2008 04:25 am (UTC)
I loved the comments in the Post-Dispatch article:

"I fail to see why the fact that he is a republican is relevant...."

"I cannot see any relavancy about the fact that he is a conservative Republican."

"It isn't a political party issue and being a conservative republican has nothing to do with it, but aren't we all done riding the Chappaquiddick horse every time someone slings mud about a republican?"

Ummm, maybe it's relevant because conservative repiglicans constantly accuse liberals and Democrats of being "amoral"...and that contrary to the vision of moral "purity" they try to paint of themselves, they are not immune to "immorality" themselves? And worse, they preach one thing and promptly ignore applying what they preach to themselves?

I'll add to what someone else already wrote above...I'm convinced that the repiglacans love to legislate morality because they know they don't have the moral fiber nor the strength of character to resist what they think is "sinful"...they are so bent on law-and-order that the only way they can box themselves into behaving in a way they consider to be "moral" is to frighten themselves into behaving via the force of law. Of course, the weak ones like Muschany can't even get scared into behaving, since they think they're ABOVE the law. It's not such a bad thing that Muschany's arrogance--which is so typical of the right-wingers--has him tangled up in his own toughened sex offender laws. It's poetic justice in the same vein as "live by the sword, die by the sword". Too bad he isn't running again so he could be thoroughly picked apart and humiliated even more in public. But it's too bad that the girl is the victim of that sick individual....
8th-Aug-2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
I don't suppose you have a list of all these scumbags going back for a few years? I'd love to make a t-shirt with all their mug shots and crimes!
8th-Aug-2008 12:38 pm (UTC)
What a great idea! I might have to work on that one!
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