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New Game

Let's play Recast!!

My friend Renea (lolasenvy) and I came up with this game a long time ago. Basically what you do is pick a favorite movie and recast it with different actors. The idea is to recast the movie and make it better with different choices, or at least with people who could pull off the most important roles.

Picking a movie for a friend is the best, especially if it is a movie they really adore - it forces them to really think. Make your own rules. The idea is to communicate and offer suggestions for people when they're stumped. We play so that everyone gets a turn, and everyone offers suggestions to others when they're struggling to fill a role.

If you forget who's in a particular movie, just go to

I'll start the first round, comment if you want to play and do your own recast of your choice. For this time, I'm going to do The Shawshank Redemption. For the sake of continuity, I'm going to list the character name, the name of the actor who plays them, and then lastly the name of my recasted actor.

The Shawshank Redemption - Recast

Andy Dufresne
Originally played by: Tim Robbins
Recasted with: Leonardo DiCaprio

Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding
Originally played by: Morgan Freeman
Recasted with: Don Cheadle

Warden Norton
Originally played by: Bob Gunton
Recasted with: William Fichtner

Originally played by: William Sadler
Recasted with: Edward Norton

Captain Byron Hadley
Originally played by: Clancy Brown
Recasted with: Chris Cooper

Brooks Hatlen
Originally played by: James Whitmore
Recasted with: William H. Macy

Tommy Williams
Originally played by: Gil Bellows
Recasted with: Shia LaBeouf

Now your turn!!

If you want to use the posting format I did, copy it behind the cut and replace the text in red.

<b><font size="+1">FILM TITLE</font></b>
<font size="-2">Originally played by: <b>ACTOR'S NAME</b>
Recasted with: <b>ACTOR'S NAME</b></font>

For each additional character, use the following code:
<font size="-2">Originally played by: <b>ACTOR'S NAME</b>
Recasted with: <b>ACTOR'S NAME</b></font>
Tags: games, memes

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