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Define Fucked Up 
31st-Jul-2008 01:13 pm
Man decapitates passenger aboard Greyhound bus

Bus en route to Winnipeg from Edmonton; story contains graphic details

A passenger repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated a young man aboard a Greyhound bus travelling through Manitoba overnight in what appears to be a random attack, witnesses told CBC News.

Police officers spent the night examining a
Greyhound bus where a passenger was reportedly
stabbed and decapitated late
The RCMP would not confirm the report, only saying that a homicide took place about 18 kilometres west of Portage la Prairie, Man., late Wednesday on a bus driving along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The RCMP said a suspect, whose identity has not been released, was arrested early Thursday morning. More information would be released Thursday afternoon at a press conference in Winnipeg, RCMP said.

About 37 passengers and a driver were aboard the bus en route to Winnipeg from Edmonton, according to a Greyhound spokesperson.

Passenger Cody Olmstead, 21, told CBC News he had smoked a cigarette earlier in the trip with the victim, whom he described as a man in his late teens or early 20s. The victim got on the bus in Edmonton, he said.

"I never took the time to know him, but he seemed to be OK, right, just a kid," said Olmstead, a Nova Scotia man who had been taking the bus to Montreal.

"He just said he was going to Winnipeg … going home, that's where he was from."

Garnet Caton, who was sitting in the seat in front of the victim, said he saw the attacker stab his seatmate, a young man sleeping with his headphones on.

Caton said he heard a "blood-curdling scream" and turned around to see the attacker holding a large "Rambo" hunting knife above the victim, "continually stabbing him in the chest area."

"He must have stabbed him 50 times or 60 times," said Caton.

"Like, just everywhere, arms, legs, neck, chest, guts, wherever he could swing it, he got it," said Olmstead.

"It looked kind of like a scuffle or an argument, you know, and then somebody's, like, 'Knife! Knife! Run!' so I was running up the alleyway, slapping people telling them to get going, move, get off the bus. I got pushed over, some lady got pushed over, I was just making sure everybody was OK, and we all got off the bus," said Olmstead

As panicked passengers fled the bus, "the attacker was over top of the victim … continually cutting him. I think the victim was gone at that point," Caton said.

Trio tried to check on victim

Caton, the driver and a trucker who had stopped at the scene later boarded the vehicle to see if the victim was still alive.

"When we came back on the bus, it was visible at the end of the bus he was cutting the guy's head off and pretty much gutting him up," said Caton.

The attacker ran at them, Caton said, and they ran out of the bus, holding the door shut as he tried to slash at the trio.

When the attacker tried to drive the bus away, the driver disabled the vehicle, Caton said.

"While we were watching the door, he calmly walks up to the front with the head in his hand and the knife and just calmly stares at us and drops the head right in front of us," said Caton.

"They did an awesome thing, holding him in there, because if not, what would have happened?" said Olmstead.

Acted 'like he was a robot'

Caton described the attacker as surprisingly calm. "It was like he was at the beach or something. There was no rage in him. He wasn't swearing or cursing or anything. It was just like he was a robot or something."

Police cruisers arrived about 10 minutes after the attack began, he estimates, and officers began directing passengers to school buses to take them to a hotel in Brandon.

"While we were waiting on the side of the road, [the attacker] was taunting the police with the head in his hand," said Caton.

Garnet Caton said he heard a 'blood-curdling
scream' and turned around to see a man
repeatedly stabbing the passenger sitting
next to him.
Caton described the attacker as appearing "totally normal" earlier in the journey, even chatting with a young woman as he smoked a cigarette during a break.

But when he got back on the bus, he moved his belongings from the front to a seat beside the victim in the back and about 20 minutes later began attacking the man, said Caton. "He didn't say anything to the victim at all," said Caton.

A six-year-old and other children were among the passengers who saw the horrific incident unfold, said Caton.

"It was pretty traumatic," he said, adding that some passengers said they have been unable to sleep or eat since it happened.

Bev Cumming, head of acute care services for the Brandon Regional Health Authority, said chaplains and psychiatric nurses have been working with dozens of passengers on the bus since they arrived in Brandon.

"When you see something as horrifying as that, the brain locks on to those images. It's very difficult to release those images," Cumming said.

"The assistance that people will get will be along the lines of coping in the immediate phase, learning what to do to reduce the profound effect this experience will have."

Investigation is in 'full motion': minister

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day commented on the killing, saying that like most Canadians, he was horrified to hear witness accounts of the homicide.

"The horrific nature of it is probably one of a kind in Canadian history," he told reporters late Thursday morning in Lévis, Que.

The minister said he didn't want to say anything that would compromise the investigation, but "I can assure people that everything is in full motion and momentum to getting to the bottom of this incident."

Questioned about whether weapons regulations should be put into place for buses, Day said it would be premature to look at such precautionary measures but added that the legal process will be followed as "aggressively as possible."
31st-Jul-2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
"While we were waiting on the side of the road, [the attacker] was taunting the police with the head in his hand," said Caton.

Oh, my, god.
31st-Jul-2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
That line made me gasp.
31st-Jul-2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
unbelievable, but sadly true.
31st-Jul-2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
The immediate thing I want to know (or things, actually, because I would think it can only be one of two things) is: (a) What severe medical/mental problem does the attacker HAVE and how has it gone untreated with that violent an expression at this stage? and/or (b) What relationship did the attacker have with his victim? Because if it's not just a total whack-job, this sounds really very personal to me.
31st-Jul-2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
I don't know how one is capable of such savagery, right off the bat. Second, I almost have to imagine there was some personal component to this attack, at least that might stand to reason - if not, then the attacker is beyond psychotic/sociopathic.

This whole story skeeved me the fuck out.
31st-Jul-2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
31st-Jul-2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
31st-Jul-2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
That's pretty fucked up, I'd say.

Sort of sad, but perhaps understandable, that no one helped either. That's potentially fucked up. I haven't made up my mind as I don't know all the details.
31st-Jul-2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
I'd like to think I'd help in a situation like that, but ... honestly, if the victim seemed already dead by the time I was anywhere near them, I confess I'd be thinking of me NOT getting dead first and foremost. (And even if they were alive, I'd have to give it some serious thought with that knife waving about.)
(Deleted comment)
31st-Jul-2008 05:39 pm (UTC)

31st-Jul-2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
So Caton sees the attack, evaluates it, and stands there until someone else yells, "Knife! Knife! Run!" At that point he runs. It doesn't seem to have occurred to him to intervene in the attack. If it did, he decided not to do so.

Pathetic, to say the least.
31st-Jul-2008 05:54 pm (UTC) - I don't even KNOW what to say to this.....
This is the most sickening thing I have ever heard. There are some Fucked up people in the world. Why though, if you witnessed this, would you not have tried to HELP!! There were 37 other people on board....surely 37 people could have overtaken this lunatic and possibly saved this boy's life!! Imagine your family member being hacked up knowing that people were fleeing to save themselves. Jesus, I know it must have been scary, but trying to go back with 3 people mins later...they had to have known it was too late!! Make sure the elderly and kids are off, then everyone take him on..kill the bastard! Where have all the heroes gone?? I guess in these days if someone isn't paid to save lives..they don't!
(Deleted comment)
31st-Jul-2008 08:29 pm (UTC) - No help?
I don't believe that about the lawsuits, not with all those witnesses...we don't live in the USA. Maybe I was a little quick to jump on those passengers, but I suppose I just put myself in the parents position of that young victim and I'm sure they are thinking "Why did nobody help our son"?? I know I would feel that way. The passengers I'm sure were in shock and probably their first reaction was to run. I'm not sure what the timeframe was before they went back in, but it just seemed like it was a little too long.
31st-Jul-2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
I live in Winnipeg and this all over the news. It's the most fucked up thing to happen around here in awhile. The location is about 40 kilometers from here.
1st-Aug-2008 01:28 am (UTC)
1) Is anybody in here going to take on a 6 foot, 200 lb man armed with a hunting knife who is clearly insane in a cramped environment with no weapons? No. You would be gutted.

2) This is what Manitoba does to people. Makes them crazy :P
1st-Aug-2008 05:45 am (UTC) - zoinks
yeah...uh.. I read about this earlier... uh... this sounds like a " the voices inside my head told me it was time to do it" kind of thing. Those poor people. That poor fellow. How do you bounce back from that kind of trauma?
1st-Aug-2008 02:15 pm (UTC) - To Grimlock
A cramped space is EXACTLY the environment for the best situation of subduing this bastard! All it would have taken would be 3-4 ppl to pile on this piece of shit and he wouldn't have been able to swing his arm to knife anyone...give your head a shake and think about it. Apparently he didn't care about anything around him but his victim, he was oblivious. He may have collapsed on top of the victim, but I'm sure the victim would have that rather than have him make mincemeat of him, at least he would have had a chance at survival. They could have pinned him down til help arrived. I assure you...things would have been different if it was a woman he was attacking....sexist yes...and this COMING from a WOMAN!!!!
1st-Aug-2008 10:47 pm (UTC) - Re: To Grimlock
1) He doesn't HAVE to swing his knife arm.. it's not a fucking sword, it's a hunting knife. He needs about 3 inches to sink it into your face, or your gut and that's all she wrote for you.

2) I volunteer you the next time someone is attacked like that. You'll be at the front of the line, spewing your ballyhoo and exhorting everyone to righteous defense, all the while he's slicing your guts out and wearing them as a hat. He stabbed someone 50 times, and then CUT OFF HIS FUCKING HEAD. You wanna mess with that, again in a cramped environment, with no weapons?

3) Really think you, as a woman and lacking in the upper body strength, would be able to survive very long in a cramped lock and hold situation? Can you hold both his arms? Can you stop him from opening a vein on you anywhere WHILE holding him in place? Think you can do it after he severs one and you start to bleed out?

You have a a hilariously hollywood grasp of what you can do in that situation.
1st-Aug-2008 07:46 pm (UTC) - Hulking man u say????
Geez.....even worse....over 6' tall and over 200 lbs huh??? Wow....what have we become as humans when all these "Brave people" as they've been told run away from a 5'8 asian man???

W O W...is all I can say......we would go and help a dog before another human...

Yes....all you people ...I know HE did the deed....but we as neighbors stood by and watched....let it happen, as I see it.
1st-Aug-2008 08:12 pm (UTC) - Re: Hulking man u say????
W O W indeed! What a shame YOU weren't on that bus handling business, stopping this incident and saving that boy's life. Since you're clearly more than able than the other cowardly passengers you're demonizing here.
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