Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


Dear BBC News,
I'm tempted to ask you "WHAT THE FUCK, BBC NEWS? This story? Seriously?" Then it came upon me that you, who delight in mocking stupid Americans (and know this - my hat is off to you for that), did this deliberately to show your fellow countrymen and others "Oh crikey, another bleedin' yank it at it again. Honestly, how is it that they do not accidentally kill themselves more often?" and it smacked of mockery. I rely on you for the majority of the actual news I seek, so I was temporarily taken aback.

If this was meant in the spirit of mocking the stupid, I respect that. If it was being posted on the front page as a valid news story, then NO TEA FOR YOU FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND. Don't make take away crumpets and treacle as well. *ominous glare*
Bangers & mash,


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