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Re: Christian Bale 'Assault' 
23rd-Jul-2008 04:00 pm
Okay. So. The news story is this. Christian Bale reportedly ‘flew off the handle’ at mother when she said some "outrageous things" that insulted his wife. He didn't lay a finger on her. I was really glad of it too, because I didn't want to believe he was capable of doing such a thing.

He left me a voicemail a little while ago pleading with me to call him back. I finally decided that enough time had passed and he wasn't being questioned about it anymore and was finally ready to discuss it. I called him back and this is the gist of the conversation:
Christian Bale: 'ello?
Me: How's your day going, old friend?
Christian Bale: Thanks for calling back so fast, mate - I knew you wouldn't let me down. I haven't really had a moment to meself yet. I assume you know, everyone else does.
Me: What I know is that you were arrested on an alleged assault charge against Jenny, and that somehow Sharon is involved in it as well. The rest I knew you'd fill in for me. By the way, LOVED the movie.
Christian Bale: Yeah, I wished I could be enjoying it all meself right about now, but no - it's all been buggered for the time being.
Me: So what happened, did she speak ill of your bird and you finally just let her have it?
Christian Bale: You're goddamned right I did, Brad - and you would've done the same if it were you. She wsa being a fuckin' doss cunt, so I says "Oh yeah??? Well I got your number Jenny. You can shove your insults right up your arse for all I care, I don't have to take this shite from you. Fuck all if you think I'm going to listen to you talk shite about me wife like this."
Me: Good for you, good for you. I'm proud that you stood up for Sibi like you're supposed to. She doesn't have to like her, but she'd better show her some respect.
Christian Bale: It's not like I'm asking for the moon or the stars, Brad - you know that. You've been my friend ever since you convinced me to audition for Empire Of The Sun, and I didn't cross a line with Mum - she had it coming and I gave it to her.
Me: You don't have to explain this to me, C - I know you better than that. You wouldn't have puffed up and bowed on her screaming "WHO DO YOU BLOODY THINK YOU ARE TO SAY SUCH THINGS TO ME!!! I'M CHRISTIAN FUCKING BALE, BITCH!!!"
Christian Bale: LOL! Well, I did actually say the first bit about "who do you bloody think you are", but it was kneejerk. I feel better now, so enough about this. How's that gorgeous better half of yours? You know, if I ever do jump the fence I'm totally stealing him from you.
Me: Oh please - like you even could if you wanted to. I'm going to tell you what I said to Shia Labeouf and Channing Tatum - you can have sexy time with him as long as he wants it, but you ain't stealin' SHIT.
Christian Bale: Fuckin' lucky bastard, you are. Alright, mate - I'm off to do a press junket and be better at acting than Perez Hilton will ever be at anything, ever. Talk to you later?
Me: Yeah, but all you have to do is walk across a room to achieve that goal.
Christian Bale: ROFLMAO!! ROFLMMFAOOOO!!!!11!1oneoneone
Me: I need to get back to what I was doing - go, be productive and fabulous as usual. And for fuck's sake, stop growing your hair out. What have I told you about that shit?
Christian Bale: Bitch bitch bitch, that's all you ever are...
Me: FUCKER!! *click*
23rd-Jul-2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
Ghads, I do love my FL. *hugs*

I've had my own troubles today - unfriended someone for the first time in forever...for being a total twat. No other word for it. (You want to come over and see the wreckage, look for the post on McCain...natch.)
23rd-Jul-2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Where? I can't find it, and I want to read "total twatdom"!
23rd-Jul-2008 10:15 pm (UTC)
Love, go back a day or so in my journal, look for the fest over McCain...you need look no further.
23rd-Jul-2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
I found the exchange I think you mean, and it seems pretty substantive to me. I don't see any "twatdom".

I'm getting the impression you unfriended someone for saying:

But damn if I'm not sick and tired of the constant media and political assassination attempts always being directed at him [McCain] while Obama keeps being touted as ready to walk on water any day now, especially when he's just as flawed and human as McCain is.
If so, you sort of proved this person's point about intolerance of Obama-criticism, and you probably would have unfriended me long ago for criticising Obama. Robin and I were Hillary supporters until forced to become Obama supporters by default, since we will support the Democratic nominee no matter whom it is.

Am I understanding this correctly, or incorrectly? The person says she's not even voting for McCain, so she's a potential Obama voter, if handled properly.

Edited at 2008-07-23 10:36 pm (UTC)
24th-Jul-2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
Yes, and I'm sure that's what she thinks as well. However, that was only the last of the logs she tossed on that fire.

Go back and look at what she said about that wife who wouldn't leave her husband.

I'll admit - this is a button installed by leagues of social workers and 'helpful' family members, call them what you like - when I simply wouldn't toss my late husband into a ditch and take up with anyone else in the last years of his life.

I don't think of martyrdom when I think of those years. I remember nights and months of running interference with insurance carriers, caregivers who neglected him, and collection agencies who would have made it impossible to continue to get care at all for him - had there not been someone there to take the calls and make arrangements.

Those were pretty personal assumptions she was making - and a lot of blame the victim, which is nasty in its own right....

And while the discussion is raging over those issues...she THEN tosses Obama into it (WTF OVER).

That's why she was dragging that woman through the mud?

Done. I iced the thread before it could go anywhere stupider.

You want to handle her properly, she's all yours dude. I'm done.
23rd-Jul-2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
23rd-Jul-2008 10:22 pm (UTC)
Your old friends know this no doubt ... how are you and he acquainted?
(Deleted comment)
23rd-Jul-2008 10:49 pm (UTC)
I just got the tingles in my bits from that...
23rd-Jul-2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
I WISHED!! I'm just having a bit of fun - but if we WERE friends, I like to imagine that's the kind of conversation we would have had.

23rd-Jul-2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
But wait....I thought you two had a love child that was later adopted by Eskimos....hmmm...or was that TR and NPH...I do seem to get the two couples confused
23rd-Jul-2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
Love this...

It's very David Sedaris Barrel Fever-ish.
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