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Vanity Fair mock-up of The New Yorker's Obama cover
Commentary from the fantabulous (and hot, let's not forget he's smokin' hot) die7fox in response to b_a_n_d_i_t's (also smokin' hot) post of this mock-up:
I can hear the convo in the McCain household now:

John: "Why, the nerve! Who do they think they are?"
Cindy: "I am beyond offended! We should sue!"
John: "Sue who?"
Cindy: "Vanity Fair!"
John: "For what?"
Cindy: "For the magazine cover, you idiot!"
John: "What magazine cover?"
Cindy: *shoves magazine in his face* "This one!"
John: "What? Oh! Why, the nerve! Who do they think they are?"
Cindy: "So, we're going to sue them?"
John: "Sue who?"
Cindy: *grits teeth* "VANITY. FAIR."
John: "Who's she?"
Cindy: "It's a what, not a she!"
John: "What's a she?"
Cindy: "No, damn it, it's... Look, just say yes, okay?"
John: "Why do we want to sue that nice girl?"
Cindy: "Because... oh, fuck this. Take your damned water pills and go to bed!"
John: "Cindy! Cindy, look! Look at what these Vanity Fair people did! The nerve! Who do they think they are?"
Cindy: *shoots John, tries very hard to turn gun on self*
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