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Tuesday again?

Day 3 of the Atkins Diet and I'm managing to stay below 20 net carbs daily. I have been craving sweets and ice cream, especially sorbet, but that is a no-no. Come a few months I can have them in moderation. Having completely abstained from caffeine (drinking a cup of chamomile tea as I type) I have had a wicked headache for the past two days but it is getting better. That or I'm just getting used to it. In either case, I feel good knowing that my determination will pay off in the end.

Avery is walking all over the place, quite a feat since she just turned 9 months old yesterday! She has Maggie and Cole's temper as well. Don't DARE tell her "No" about something, you WILL get cursed out in baby talk.

I'm still jonesing for the outdoors and springtime, I will feel SO much better once the weather changes finally and I can spend more time outside.

I know that completely modifying my diet and exercise all at once is making me feel kind of crazy, but it will pass. It is all for a reason and a greater purpose.

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