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Religion Poisons Everything.

I'm a fan of the show 30 Days on the FX network. I believe it is the best reality TV program available. My favorite episodes are those that deal with religious differences and socioeconomics because they are topics I'm interested most in. The episode where the Christian man goes to live with a family of Muslims in a largely Muslim community (Muslims & America) was fascinating and enlightening, mostly because the man got the most he could out of his learning experience and came away with understandings he never would have had on his own. The cornfed boy next door guy who went to live in San Francisco with a gay man (Straight Man In A Gay World) and immersed himself in gay culture was also very good, you had the opportunity to see someone evolving in much the same way. In the first season (we're not halfway through season 3) the show's creator, Morgan Spurlock (whom most will know from his documentary Supersize Me) and his fiancee had to live on minimum wage - to include ALL of their living expenses (rent, utilities, healthcare, food, transportation, everything) for 30 days (Minimum Wage). It was amazing. This season alone they've done a remarkable episode where a former NFL Cornerback had to live in a wheelchair for, you guessed it, 30 days (30 Days In A Wheelchair).

Last night's episode absolutely gobsmacked me. I have cried myself into a headache over it. It was about a gay couple and their three adopted sons who have a Mormon woman come and live with their family. The woman's name is Kati, and she is virulently opposed to same sex adoption. lolasenvy posted a scathing response about it, and I have to say that I feel essentially the same way she does.

Once again, as evidenced by this show, you see how religion poisons everything - to quote Christopher Hitchens. Episode synposis:
30 Days - Season 03, Episode 04: Same Sex Parenting
RESIDES - Fullerton, CA
OCCUPATION - Substitute Teacher
AIRDATE - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kati believes that children should be raised by a mother and a father and not by same-sex parents. As the mother of two adopted sons Kati believes that she has ample experience to determine what kind of environment is conducive to healthy, successful adoptions. In fact, Kati was adopted as an infant herself.

For 30 Days, Kati will live in Ypsilanti, Michigan with domestic partners Dennis and Thomas Patrick and their four adopted sons: Josh, 11; Paul, 8; Joey, 8; and Raul, 6. The Patrick's have been together for 10 years, and in 2001, Thomas legally changed his last name to Patrick. Kati will attend church with the family, help the boys get ready for school each morning and talk candidly about her views on parenting and gay adoption as she observes how the Patrick's parent their boys.

Kati will volunteer and travel to the state capitol with the Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality (CARE), a children's advocacy group lobbying for legislation to legalize dual-parenting rights for same-gender couples. She will socialize with women from the Lesbian Mom's Network, a group that connects lesbian mothers and their children with families like their own. She will also meet with former foster children who talk about what it's like to grow up without parents or a permanent home and the need for more foster parents.
It's not available just yet on Hulu and I'm not sure when it will reair on FX, but if you're impatient and don't want to wait you can download the torrent here. I highly reccommend having this episode handy and sharing it with as many people as possible. Once you've seen it, I'm interested to know your thoughts.
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