Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Time has got nothing to do with it

Make me a mannered, a mannered thing
Carved of wood, a life force thing
Give it an arm that points to the earth
And a hand that points at me

No matter where I stand and knows all that we can't see
The clock cannot be turned with remorseful yearns
Time has nothing to do with it

You would see if you were three again and did it all the same
Fate drives you insane

And did you throw you in the road
Put your face to shame
Did you think your mouth could teach
Make you think you think

It's got a lot to do
Let's get nothing askew

Change is insane with eyes that blame
And morals that blind the lines of transmissions new
If only we knew

It's not all happening there where blanks are scarce
And blindness is forget
The perfect plan is not the man who tells you you are wrong

Disappear into the clear and visions understood
Wrestle now and shout the vow
Illusion is the pain
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