Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Good Grief

This is what my inner 14 year old boy is laughing at today.

Okay. So I have a new client for a web project I'm taking on, right? It's for a general store in downtown. They sell all manner of candies, toys, hand made soaps and candles, their own sauces and relishes and condiments - you get the idea. They get kick ass ice creams and make waffle cones for them, and all kinds of home made truffles, bonbons, and fudge. I love the store, I could spend hours just wandering around the place.

I was there this morning before the store opened taking pictures for the site and getting an inventory of the stuff they sell, when I ran across the section they have of condiments and such. I set my camera up and adjusted the lighting for bottle labels, and there they were on the top shelf - several bottles of bread and pancake mixes, all labelled "Bear Batter".

That's right. Bear Batter.

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