Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Nothing's Sacred

Someone is selling what they claim, in horrid grammar, is the cross that Jesus Christ died on. Jesus even autographed it. On eBay, of course. I could not make this up, y'all:

We have recently discovered the wooden cross that Jesus Christ died on. It was recovered and burried in a tomb in Jerusalem, Israel.

This wooden cross is the only proof of Jesus Christ dieing for our sins. Within this cross has Jesus Christ bloodline engraved and soaked in the wood.

Since the day we bought this from Israelites I been having dreams of Jesus Christ Returning to earth and has been blessing me with fortune and fame.

Im only selling this to once and for all prove Jesus Christ is real and did sacrifice himself for our sins.

God Bless

Starting bid is US $1,000.

Pics behind the cut -

Tags: are you fucking kidding me with this?, magical dead jew on a stick
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