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Hump Day

~-~-~ In The News ~-~-~

Georgia decriminalizes sex before marriage...
Well LOOK who just woke up and joined reality!

Bush On North Korea:
"We Must Invade Iraq"

McDonald's Stock Slides As
More Consumers Turn To Food

I was told yesterday not to do my normal talk breaks during the show. I was told that the powers that be want to know why the show can't run on automation. This is not good. I'm feeling pretty cast aside and insignificant and am waiting on the proverbial axe to fall on my neck. First shock of the day. Then I am told that Al Haynes, my boss, a man I have come to love and respect more than most, is no longer going to be my boss. He's leaving in a week for another station. This was the second shock of my day yesterday.


Basically I'm sitting here feeling pretty low and useless. Then again, that's how I've felt for a long time truth be told - low and useless. It always passes with time, it always has, so I'm waiting on the next light breeze that picks me up and lifts me over this wall. I've been under SO much stress for two solid weeks now, between work and my health problems, and I've cried more in that time than I think I have since Shane died. I don't think I can take much more of this. Something's got to give and give soon.

There were three good things that happened to me yesterday. The first was Damien coming to see me at lunch and making everything better as only he can - if only with a magic hug. The second was the baby crawling up into my lap and standing on my legs - then putting my face in her tiny, plump little hands and giving me a great big smooch only to pull away from me giggling and smiling. The third was Maggie coming home and seeing that I'd cleaned her bedroom - then hugging me tightly and telling me that she loved me and was so glad I was there - not because I cleaned the room, but because I thought to do it at all.

If I lose my job, then I will just move on to the next thing. For as down as I feel right now, I have all kinds of love lifting me over life's little hurdles. This is what sustains me.

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