Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Yes I Love That Man Of Mine!


Damien and I went to the farmer's market with Renea on Wednesday, and picked up several cheeses. One is a goat's milk Feta, one was Maytag Blue, a Grafton round of Cheddar, a brick of Jarlsberg, and a wedge of Edam. He just asked me to cut him a few slices of the Edam, and while I was shaving slices off of the wedge, he lowers his voice and goes into Uncle Creepy® mode and says directly into my ear:
"Yeah... slice that cheese... Daddy likes that... y e a h..."
I'm lucky I didn't sever my hand I laughed so hard.

This is what I live with people, everyday of my life. I bet we laugh so hard on a daily basis that all of our neighbors hate us. Hate, betches - he's mine.
Tags: damien, humor, love, my favorite things

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