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Fox News PWNED! 
20th-Apr-2008 10:34 am
Priest Pwns Bill O’Reilly’s Minion On Rev. Wright

From BradBlog:
And that’s what America really looks like. Which is why you normally don’t get to see it on TV.

Turns out the man in the video above is a Catholic priest by the name of Rev. Michael Pfleger, and apparently Bill O’Reilly did use a part of the interview above on his show. Approximately 5 seconds of it. On April 2. And yet, despite how well Pfleger deflects the nonsense tossed at him by O’Reilly’s ambush reporter (as seen in the above, not on his show) O’Reilly has been flogging the same “racist, hate-monger” nonsense for weeks.

As if that’s not bad enough, after the 5 seconds shown from the above interview, O’Reilly went on to do a full 6 minute segment discussing whether or not…wait for it…Pfleger should be sanctioned by the Catholic Church!

I wish I was kidding. (Watch the Bill O’Reilly video over at BradBlog)
Nicole at C&L: "That’s what I’m talking about. Talk about showing up for a match of wits unarmed."
20th-Apr-2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
Pfleger is a well-known activist priest in Chicago...he has locked horns with the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago over church and school closings that seem to have inordinately-large impacts on predomininantly-black southside neighborhoods, he has confronted Da Mayor Richie Daley over the closure/reconstituting of underperforming southside public schools, he has organized and led anti-violence marches, and he has been a go-to person in Chicago for many social justice issues as they arise. And (as someone noted in the C&J comments), he has been fighting the Archdiocese to remain where he is instead of being moved to another parish. He is an angry white man for all the *RIGHT* reasons, and he has translated his anger at social injustice into a mission for which he is well-suited. If only other "men of the cloth" would learn something from him....he's no Father O'Fondlin, and the South Side communities have a great deal of respect and affection for him. Fox Spews couldn't have picked a better person to get pushback on the Reverend Wright questions...Pfleger has *never* been pushed around, and O'Reilly's butt-slurper was lucky that the Father's flamethrower was holstered during that interview...someone who has publically chastised Mayor Daley and two archbishops (amongst others) is not someone to trifle with.
21st-Apr-2008 04:04 pm (UTC)
I'm not Christian, but that guy makes me wish I went to his church. He rocks my socks. And I should edit that, running along the MLK thread, Bill O'Reilly did as much justice to what the reverend said as we would have in the 60's if all we aired was the phrase "I have a dream" and looped it over and over. He didn't even show anything of any depth that the reverend said! Lame.
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