Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

New Game

A few weeks ago Yellow and I came up with a new game that we play called "I'm So Goth". Last night when sleep was not favoring us and Damien was already in bed, Renea and I camped out in the guest room and rolled around the bed laughing our monkey asses off playing this game. Here are the best bits - feel free to add your own in comments!
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I bleed black."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that the decorating magazine I read is Martha Stewart Dying."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I fucked the devil and gave him 3rd degree burns."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I'm the only thing bats can see coming."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that it's always night when I go out because the sun is scared shitless of me."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I make Jesus consider Agnosticism."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that the three nails used to crucify Jesus are all on the fingers of my right hand."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that the video of my 5th birthday party is considered a snuff film."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I ate My Chemical Romance and shit out Bauhaus."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I have patent leather pajamas."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth Siouxsie calls me for make up tips."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that you say tomato, I say eating people's souls."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that the Batman movies were filmed in my house."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I sleep upside down in a closet."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I live in Helena Bonham Carter's hair."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth my phone number is 666-GOTH."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that my Godfather is Aleister Crowley."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I'm only allowed outside on Halloween."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I fucked Wednesday Addams... She's now known as Friday Addams."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I was born wearing combat boots."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth my kidneys are pierced."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that when I walk near a church I burst into flames - or as I like to call it, taking a bath."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have 666 tattoed on my soul."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth my blood type is midnight."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I knew Rob Zombie when he was still Bobby The Ghost."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that it's called Gothy-Goth."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a part time job filling for Evil on his days off."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I hired you for that job."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a voodoo doll of Tipper Gore."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth my shadow can kill a death eater."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that I went to see a concert by the Really Nice Blokes and stared down the lead singer - by the encore they'd renamed themselves The Damned."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I cry mascara, whether or not I'm actually wearing it."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I made Anton Lavey convert to Christianity."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I wear Brimstone cologne."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a suit made from Ed Gein."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I really do eat nails for breakfast and tacks for snacks."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that if it looks purple but I say it's black, then goddamnit, it's fucking black."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that after I saw the tape of The Ring, it took Samarra 10 days to get up the nerve to call me."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I have a fishnet umbrella."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that the dark is scared of me."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I use black Q-Tips."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth that I spell the word 'goth' with a silent 7."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth that when I stare at holy water I can make it boil and freeze at the same time."
lolasenvy: "I'm so goth I don't have a washer/dryer, I have a darker/gother."
jesus_h_biscuit: "I'm so goth I lost my virginity to a ghost in a coffin."
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