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Yet another nightmare

This was one of the more awful nightmares I've had as of lately. It was very vivid as well.

It was summertime and I was down at the riverwalk with Renea, Damien, Andrew, and Michael. The Flowers building a few blocks away had this big 2-3 story scaffolding contraption on its roof. By this time all of the construction had been completed and the building's lofts were all completely occupied. Maggie had taken Avery to visit some friends who had an apartment there and was going to meet us later for a walk. I kept hearing thunder and seeing lightning flashes over the Flowers building. I sat down to watch what I thought was a small storm rolling over the building because I love storms and watching lightning, but the cloud never moved. The lightning looked like it was striking directly over the building and splintering down around it. No sooner did it occur to me that this was odd when it started.

The cloud that was hanging over the building began to arc over in our direction and literally fell over sideways. My blood began pumping hard and fast when I saw the scaffolding tumbling down over the front of the building with the cloud - which I also came to understand was NOT a storm cloud, but a huge column of smoke. The lightning was striking back and forth between the remaining metal structure, and emanating from this enormous a/c condenser unit as big as my house. It had somehow been placed on a platform and stabilized by chains to keep it anchored, but was now dangling over the roof and sending bolts out in every direction. People around were also watching this and screaming, and the top two floors of the building began burning and spewing flames from the windows.

In my head I heard the sound of Avery crying like she does when she wakes up from a nap and wants someone to come and get her from her crib. I saw Maggie's face in my mind and took off running and screaming.

I woke up from this at 1:24AM and immediately walked across the hall to sit beside the baby's crib so I could listen to her breathe. Her little hand was close enough to the rails that I could touch it.

I went from there to Cole's room to check on him, I sat next to him for a few minutes and then went to Maggie & Nathan's door. I heard them breathing and walked outside and completely around the house, searching for anything out of place. I found nothing, of course.

I never did get back to sleep really. Watched TV and read while lying in my bed so I wouldn't make noise and wake anyone else up and eventually left early for the station. I'm okay now, but it took a while getting to this point. Why do I keep having nightmares about fire?
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