Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Presidential Politics - More Bullshit

The Moderate Voice has a post called Much Ado About Jeremiah Wright, about Obama's pastor who recently made some inflammatory remarks. The right-wing nutosphere is getting all frothy about it, as per the usual, but it's all playing out on the same double standard they always use. For starters, not one of them said shit when John McCain got John Hagee, THAT intolerably nightmarish fat fuck to shill for him. Also, not one of them is addressing him in his vehement disagreement with Wright.

When Geraldine Ferraro made those ridiculously stupid comments about Obama's race, Clinton's response to that new thorn in her campaign's ass was mild by comparison, and Pam asks "Has the Clinton team gone stark raving mad?" If it's not his race, it's his religion. It is still astounding to me, just how much more stupid conservative Americans are than I first thought. Even after all of the debunking of the Obama Muslim lie, it's still being bought by these fucking loons. The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll asked respondents what Barack Obama's religion is. Among registered voters, 37 percent said Protestant. Two percent said Catholic, two percent said "other," two percent said "none." Forty-four percent said they weren't sure or refused to answer. Thirteen percent answered "Muslim." This is just one poll, by the way - many didn't even give an answer. Still, 13%. IDIOTS!

I found an interesting piece on The Reaction on whether or not Hillary Clinton is a theocrat. It exerpts a piece on Mother Jones questioning her religious politics. Lengthy read, but take the time. Lastly on the Hillary and Ferrarogate, I'll leave it in the capable hands of Keith Olbermann:
Senator, as it has reached its apex in their tone-deaf, arrogant, and insensitive reaction to the remarks of Geraldine Ferraro… your own advisers are slowly killing your chances to become President.

Senator, their words, and your own, are now slowly killing the chances for any Democrat to become President.

In your tepid response to this Ferraro disaster, you may sincerely think you are disenthralling an enchanted media, and righting an unfair advance bestowed on Senator Obama.

You may think the matter has closed with Representative Ferraro’s bitter, almost threatening resignation.

But in fact, Senator, you are now campaigning, as if Barack Obama were the Democrat, and you… were the Republican.
...and he didn't even really address much of the 3AM ad and the suggestions that even McCain would be a better choice in Hilary's view than Obama. Well, I suppose she thinks it's a wise strategy considering he is a greater challenge to her run than McCain is. Maybe it is, who knows.
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