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Someone Kill This Bitch N O W!

What? Matt Hale was arrested? Man! It's not even my birthday!

David Westerfield: "Just leave me alone with a gun..." Yeah, if only...

Tina & CJ's play was great, I enjoyed it like I did their production of The Madrigal. I'm going to every single play they are in from now on.

After the play, Damien & Mom took me back to the ER for the whole peeing-of-blood thing I was doing. The Doctor who saw me asked me whether or not I'd ever had a urethral culture taken, and while cringing I replied "Well, not before the one I think you're about to do..."


Having them ram a Q-Tip down your urethra about 3 inches and then twisting it a few times while you not only have a full bladder, but are standing there writhing and flinching and having a mini-seizure is NO fun. After that experience I am still grateful that I'm not a woman. They have to undergo this bullshit a lot more frequently than we do, guys.

Then I got to go to the bathroom and give a urine sample. Yeah, that hurt like hell too. After the urinalysis came back, she returned to give me the preliminary results. In addition to the blood in my urinary tract, I have some crystallization of uric acid and an unusually high number of ::gulp:: kidney cells in there. The results of the culture won't be back for a few days, and she also mentioned that there is the possibility of my prostate contributing to my ill health. I just don't know. I'm trying not to think about it too much, I'll go stark raving mad if I do. I spent enough of yesterday agonizing over this and I have other concerns on me.

Send me good energy, folks. I'm desperate for it.

Please, I'm serious.
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