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Brad Smith

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I'm Speechless...

I just got this message from my sister, regarding my nephew's school:
That's what the ominous warning on the girl's bathroom wall at my son's middle school said:

"If you think Virginia Tech was bad
Just wait 'til February 28..."

Jake came home and told me about it yesterday.


Imagine my dismay when we got an automated phone call from the superintendent detailing that message and the school's response. A response including police present in the school, bomb/weapons dogs, metal detectors...

They are keeping school open and encouraging us to "not panic."

And while I'm not inclined to panic ever, I have to say that this is just one more reason why I wish I'd never put my kids back in public schools...because if someone wrote a message like that on MY bathroom wall, I'd totally know who did it.
I'm completely without words here.
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