Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Bay Buchanan: Another GOP Talking Head

Bay Buchanan Making A Fool
of Herself (again) on AC 360

Bay Buchanan, former Reagan Treasurer and sister of Pat Buchanan, is a wingnut. Watch as she shows just what a fool she is with this stunner:
"This is not the Democratic Party, this is a party of values. We assume our candidates have been loyal to their family."
Funny, I'll bet Wendy Vitter thought the same thing about her husband David. Perhaps we should ask the former Mrs. Giulianis or the former Mrs. Gingrich? Maybe have the parents of congressional pages weigh in on what a values driven GOP leader Mark Foley is? Or, perhaps we should unearth more bathroom tricks of Larry Craig's - they might shed some more light on the 'party of values'.

If by 'values' you mean to imply rampant douchebaggery, hypocrisy, and power built on lies, greed, theft, fear, and wedge issues - to say nothing of the hijacking of Jesus & the saints - well then I'd have to agree with you there, Bay. You sure were singing a different tune when it was Hastert in your crosshairs.

Also, die in a fucking fire you pinch-faced, lying, frowning harpy.
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