Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Oh The Stupid, It Hurts...

You've GOT to click this link and watch this video. This is the land of Falwell, people - and these fuckers are SCARY. These are the people Joe Rogan talks about who need to be on the front lines in Iraq. Old, grizzled bastards and their women who think God is in control of everything and that Republicans are closer to Him and that Libruls hate 'merica. Obama is an Islamofascist, blah blah blah.

Go to Ted Nugent concerts and scoop these motherfuckers up in big giant nets, then throw them in a fleet of bass boats to go and fight in Iraq. Tell them that the terrorists love homosexuals, abortions, and hate NASCAR and rasslin'. They'll be on the front lines screaming "YEW FAGGOTS AIN'T GONNA TAKE AWAY MY RIGHT TO DRIVE FAST IN A CIRCLE!! JESUS GUIDE MY BULLETS!!!!!!!!!" and shooting everything that doesn't look like them. And as long as they stay, so fucking what.

Mitt Romney's sons need to be in Iraq too, by the way. Either that or he has to admit that he's raising nothing but a clan of chickenhawks in magic underwear.

Oh, my head hurts.
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