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Garden variety Republican sex pervert resigns after the FBI finds kiddie porn in his home
How do can you tell if a Republican legislator is a pervert or not? No, not because he's breathing; don't be a smart-ass. Usually it's the ones who scream and shout the loudest about perversion threatening the American family who are the guiltiest of whatever it is they're obsessing over. You would probably win some good money by betting that anti-gay maniacs like Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Larry Craig (R-ID), Patrick McHenry (R-NC), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), David Dreier (R-CA)-- to name a few-- are gay themselves, very gay, albeit tightly in the closet of course, where Republican gays always hide and lurk. Their consistent activism on behalf of bigotry against gay men and women is a clear sign that they have something to hide about their own lives. Speaking of which...

Unless you're from Maryland, you probably never heard of anti-child porn crusader Robert McKee, a long-time right-wing member of the House of Delegates from rural Washington County in the western part of the state. According to today's Washington Post, McKee, one of the Maryland leaders of the Romney for President campaign, has abruptly resigned today. Easy to guess that McKee, who also resigned as Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, is a child porn fiend.

Law enforcement authorities, both the FBI and county sheriff's office, who are conducting a child pornography investigation, seized two computers, videotapes and printed materials when they searched the Republican's home in Hagerstown 2 weeks ago.
"For me, this is deeply embarrassing," McKee said in a statement. "It reflects poorly on my service to the community."
You think? McKee was sponsored Maryland's Child Protection From Predators Act and a proposal to collect DNA samples from sexual predators. He also sponsored several other sexual offender and child abduction bills in the past. None of the reports coming out of Maryland so far have indicated whether it was little girls or little boys-- or both-- who the Republican was interested in. He's been very active in the Little League and, predictably, was a chaplain for the First Christian Church, a position Republican child predators often use to seduce young children.
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