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Dreaming in metaphors

This is the strangest day!

You know how you fantasize about things and then the universe decides to throw you a bone and let you have some of your coveted yearnings? It's rather nice when that happens.

Some days I feel as though I'm on the eternal spin cycle from the fifth level of Dante's hell. On the others, I'm in the endless dryer just turning and turning and turning, having been dry HOURS ago and not having the sense to sound my buzzer as if to say "Okay, I'm done already, the novelty is gone!".

The fucked up thing is when I realize I am completely content. That's when that voice that tells you "Don't look now, but..." comes over the loudspeakers between your ears and forces you to forget that everything was JUST FINE a few moments ago. I normally don't stress on unimportant things, and rarely ever on things I have no control over. But now and then, when I'm in my "wierd" zone where being a complete maniac is the norm, you wouldn't believe the things I say and think to myself. I suppose in my own odd way, that is compensation for having it all "together" for the most part, I have to go a little nuts on occasion. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition...
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