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Where's my barf bag...

This medicine I'm taking is working on my ear infection, but it's making me very sleepy and also nauseous. I laid down last night before Oz came on which kicked much butt, even though Robson wasn't in this episode. I tried to lay there quietly and meditate instead of sleeping and the time went by super fast! I got recharged from this apparently, because I couldn't get to sleep until midnight. Next thing I knew the alarm is going off. For the first time ever, I didn't want to come to work today.

Cole-man returns to school today, which is good because he needs something other to do than sitting in front of the Playstation all day. When I get home it will just be me and Avery Gail.

Hopefully sometime this week in the early evening I'll get to photograph supertina and make some layouts for her and Mom and Dad. I've got some ideas, some very serious and some rather whimsical.
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