Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Nohari Window

This one's even trickier. It deals with the NEGATIVE stuff.

Pick me apart, be as honest as possible, I can take it. BRING IT, BITCHES!

Stop commenting anonymously, people - that's weak. I won't hold your opinions against you, I promise - but let's not be cowards and hide behind anonymity. Go back, give your same answers, and own them with your name. trust me, you'll feel better for it and I'll prove that I am okay with the criticism. I'll respect you if you do.

My Nohari Window.


(known to self and others)

intolerant, inflexible, hostile

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

insecure, brash, childish, weak, rash, predictable


(known only to self)

violent, callous


(known to nobody)

incompetent, timid, cowardly, aloof, glum, stupid, simple, irresponsible, vulgar, lethargic, withdrawn, selfish, unhappy, unhelpful, cynical, needy, unimaginative, inane, cruel, ignorant, irrational, distant, boastful, blasé, imperceptive, chaotic, impatient, embarrassed, loud, vacuous, panicky, unethical, insensitive, self-satisfied, passive, smug, dispassionate, overdramatic, dull, inattentive, unreliable, cold, foolish, humourless

Dominant Traits

100% of people agree that angry_biscuit is intolerant
100% of people agree that angry_biscuit is inflexible

All Percentages

incompetent (0%) intolerant (100%) inflexible (100%) timid (0%) cowardly (0%) violent (0%) aloof (0%) glum (0%) stupid (0%) simple (0%) insecure (50%) irresponsible (0%) vulgar (0%) lethargic (0%) withdrawn (0%) hostile (50%) selfish (0%) unhappy (0%) unhelpful (0%) cynical (0%) needy (0%) unimaginative (0%) inane (0%) brash (50%) cruel (0%) ignorant (0%) irrational (0%) distant (0%) childish (50%) boastful (0%) blasé (0%) imperceptive (0%) chaotic (0%) impatient (0%) weak (50%) embarrassed (0%) loud (0%) vacuous (0%) panicky (0%) unethical (0%) insensitive (0%) self-satisfied (0%) passive (0%) smug (0%) rash (50%) dispassionate (0%) overdramatic (0%) dull (0%) predictable (50%) callous (0%) inattentive (0%) unreliable (0%) cold (0%) foolish (0%) humourless (0%)

Created by the Nohari Window on 31.1.2008, using data from 2 respondents.
You can make your own Nohari Window, or view angry_biscuit's full data.
Tags: personality map
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